3D Resin Printing Service

Resins are the best choice for high-quality, detailed parts or products that require extremely smooth surfaces. The use of thin printing layers allows the production of detailed parts that can be produced with no need for additional finishing.

3D resin printing uses extremely thin layers that result in amazingly detailed products that are not possible with other technologies. If you need a component that requires mill metric precision, there’s no better manufacturing option.

Resin products are also extremely durable. Photopolymer resins can withstand high temperatures and stress, so are often used to create parts related to the medical, aerospace, agricultural and food processing industries.

In addition to amazing design flexibility, 3D resin products are also relatively easy to design using CAD/CAM software data that is loaded into our 3D printing machines.

There are four basic type of resins used in 3D printed products: standard resin, gray resin, mammoth resin, and transparent resin.

Standard and gray resin are widely used for visual models with limited functionality, but with a high level of detail. Model trains and decorative figurines are examples. Standard resin is cheaper than gray resin, but it might be a better choice because the color allows for more noticeable details (that might not be apparent with a translucent material).

Mammouth resin is best used for large models with limited functionality but with great surface quality.

Transparent resin is used to manufacture products that need a transparent appearance and smooth surface. It’s great for visual models with limited functionality.

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