Achieve Accurate Specification with Quantum FaroArm

Achieve Accurate Specification with Quantum FaroArm

Imagine having limitless accuracy in the palm of your hand. That’s essentially what you have with the Quantum FaroArm, the latest and most advanced coordinate measuring machine (CMM) on the market today. 

With the Quantum FaroArm, you can achieve accurate specifications on even the most complex parts simply by touching them. How can the Quantum FaroArm help the accuracy of your measurements?


The Quantum FaroArm allows you to obtain data in a variety of settings, thanks to its advanced, rugged features and ergonomic design. It has working volumes of 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, and 4m. The advanced battery system allows you to work wirelessly when needed. 

Additionally, the exclusive FARO Quantum Max 8-axis integration means that you can measure all sides of a part without the need for repositioning.


One of the most important aspects of data collection is repeatability, which ensures that the data that one user obtains is accurate for the next user. With the Quantum FaroArm, the measurements you get will be consistent for all users.

Internal Monitoring

The Quantum FaroArm has integrated temperature and overload sensors, which can alert users to any strain put on the machine or its components. This ensures that the device is working at optimal performance and that data will not be distorted by the performance of the machine itself.

Quality Reporting

With powerful integrated software, users can rely on data that can be used for 3D inspections.

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