Benefits of a CNC Lathe

Benefits of a CNC Lathe

When it comes to machining parts, traditional manual lathes have mostly been replaced by computer numerical control (CNC) lathes – and for a good reason. While manual lathes may have allowed machinists more artisanal control, they lacked the precision and the ability to scale offered by a CNC lathe.  

Thanks to constant improvements in both hardware and software, CNC lathes far outpace older methods of machining. Here are some of the significant benefits that manufacturers enjoy by using CNC lathes.

Accuracy and Precision

Because CNC lathes use coded CAM files to drive their machining, you can count on your parts being cut accurately and precisely. Holes, ridges, angles, and other features will be placed correctly and cut to exact dimensions. The precision of a CNC lathe means that your parts can operate within very tight dimensional tolerances.


In addition to precision and accuracy, a CNC lathe can rapidly produce a large number of identical parts without significantly adding to your costs.

Cheap, Easy Prototyping

When you’re trying to troubleshoot a component in your product, a CNC lathe can help to make the prototyping process simple and cost-effective. Simply make your changes in your CAM or CAD file and upload them to your lathe. 

The high-speed production process means that your new prototype can be available in minutes, allowing you to test the component and make any further changes quickly.


CNC lathes can handle a variety of materials, including metal, thermoplastics, and UHMW, among others. This flexibility means that you only need one lathe to machine any component. Additionally, these machines can produce a number of different finishes, meaning it’s possible to fabricate just about any round component on your CNC lathe.

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