CNC Lathe Machining

When you need complex, round components to be machined quickly and affordably, RJ Manufacturing can provide you with durable results that are both accurate and precise. Using our state-of-the-art Doosan Lynx 220 CNC Turning Center, we can integrate your CAD/CAM designs into our computer software to streamline production, saving you time and money.

At RJ Manufacturing, we use the latest high-tech equipment for our CNC machining process, which allows us to provide affordable production services to everyone, from small companies to large organizations. 

The Machining Process

With our computer numerical control (CNC) lathe, we’re able to transform solid blocks of material into intricately shaped, round components. Advanced cutting tools allow us to mill slots and grooves, drill threaded and smooth-bore holes, and cut sharp edges, allowing us to fabricate parts that match your specifications exactly.

The Doosan Lynx 220 is a high-performance CNC Turning Center, which spins the workpiece at high speed while a high-power spindle performs milling, cutting, and drilling. The high speeds of the work allow for much shorter production times without sacrificing precision or accuracy, meaning we can produce more pieces in less time, saving you money and shortening lead time.

The process starts with a blank clamped into the work chamber. Once the file has been input into the lathe, the machining process begins; and with the viewing window, we can keep an eye on the entire process. With the flexible design built into the Doosan Lynx 220, the piece can automatically be transferred to the other side of the lathe, allowing access to all sides of the workpiece.

Once the lathe has finished shaping your component, our technician will remove the piece and inspect it for quality, ensuring that it matches the specific specifications for your final product.

Benefits of a CNC Lathe

There are a number of reasons why the CNC lathe is an important part of our production shop, including:

  • It can produce complex round machine parts with accuracy and precision.
  • It allows for fast, inexpensive prototyping.
  • It can scale for large or small production runs.
  • It works with a variety of materials, including metal, UHMW, and thermoplastics.
  • It can readily provide extremely tight dimensional tolerances.
  • It can produce a variety of finishes on the product.

CNC lathe technology doesn’t just make machining round components easy, it gives you the assurance that your final product will stand up to our exacting quality standards. If you’d like more detailed information about the capabilities of our CNC lathe, contact RJ Manufacturing today.