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The GTR Intake Conversion Kit is designed to allow both HR and VHR series VQ motors to run an R35 GTR Intake Manifold (Stock, Greddy, and AMS). We have found that the stock plastic manifolds that come on the HR and VHR series motors are not best suited for boosted applications. While this conversion can be run in Naturally Aspirated configuration it was not designed for that purpose.
A stock VQ manifold begins to enter stress fatigue at around 20psi. We have seen manifolds crack at around this boost level. The more boost you run the higher likelihood that your intake manifold will crack or separate. You can conservatively expect to see around 25whp+ gain in the mid and low range and power throughout the rev range regardless of RPM. We have seen much more than this on the dyno but this will depend on several factors including your fuel setup, Forced induction setup with supporting mods and your tuner. We HIGHLY recommend contacting us about approved tuners for this modification.
This kit is made 100% in the United States and comes with our dedicated support. Whether you are just getting boosted or are a pro drifter our product will work for you. Formula D champion Chris Forsberg is running this conversion on his 2017 Formula D Nismo 370z. Our manifold is also the only manifold on the market to consistently support builds over 1000whp on the VQ platform. When it comes to power delivery and reliability trust RJM USA first!
Kit Contains:
Billet Lower Intake Plenum
Billet Fuel Rails
OEM Gaskets
AN Fittings
Balance Tube and Billet Adapters