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RJM USA has a wide range of services and capabilities. From design and development all the way through production we can handle your needs. We also have a partner program. A program specifically surrounding trusted individuals, shops and tuners who can assist in your needs in compliment to our manufacturing capabilities. Want to know more about our capabilities Click the icons below to go directly to their pages:

Who We Are


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At RJ Manufacturing we stand ready to accommodate all of your manufacturing needs. We have experience in production of products ranging from automotive performance parts including CNC porting of heads and manifolds, to parts used in aerospace requiring the tightest of tolerances. You have a product to make and you can have it all made in America with RJ Manufacturing as your primary production company. We partake in manufacturing private label products for your designs. Our engineers can assist with design and production efficiencies. RJM USA is a first-rate engineering company. Unlike some other manufacturers we excel and focus on the following aspects of our parts: Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and reliability. We have experience with mass production and work hard to get your products to you accurate, complete, and on schedule, and of course, all of your products are protected with non-disclosure agreements so your intellectual property will remain safe.

What We Provide

Precision production
Mass produce
Advanced engineering and prototyping
Fixture Making
3D resin and PLA printing
3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machining
CAD and CAM counceling
Private Labeling

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Our Work

The goal of RJM USA is to design and manufacture the highest quality and best performing products in the industry. By utilizing the latest technologies and tools RJM USA deploys rigorous research and development and testing programs on all of our products. In addition to excellence in our products RJM USA strives to provide the best customer service offering only advice and parts that are in the best interest of the customer and their goals.

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