A Guide to Custom Car Parts Manufacturing

A Guide to Custom Car Parts Manufacturing

For years, custom car parts manufacturing has been a staple of the automotive industry. These parts can include mass-produced alternatives to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. They may also include special-order products for unique applications or modifications.

Every car owner should understand the basics of custom car parts manufacturing. This is because these custom parts may be used for a repair at some point in their life as a vehicle owner. Below is a crash course in custom car parts manufacturing. We define this process and highlight some of the key benefits of custom parts manufacturing.

What Is Custom Car Parts Manufacturing?

Simply put, custom car parts manufacturing is the production of high-end parts for mainstream vehicles. These parts may include:

  •         Anti-vibration foam
  •         Fasteners
  •         Attachments/Brackets
  •         Seals
  •         Gaskets
  •         Rotors
  •         Pistons

Since vehicle specifications are public knowledge, virtually any licensed machinist can recreate these parts. Modern technology allows these products to be created with the utmost precision while also optimizing efficiency. But why would anyone want to produce aftermarket replacement parts? Read on to find out.

Benefits of Custom Parts

There are many benefits to custom car parts. The most significant is the cost. Aftermarket parts are much more affordable than OEM parts. In fact, OEM parts typically cost up to 60% more than custom alternatives.

Another appealing aspect of custom parts is selection. The manufacturer will require dealers to sell replacement parts at a fixed price throughout the country. Custom manufacturers are competing with one another, which drives prices down while also keeping quality high.

In addition, you can request parts that deviate from manufacturer specs. This allows avid car owners to modify their rides. Mainstream manufacturers rarely, if ever, offer OEM modification parts.

Whether you need to replace a factory component or need custom, high-quality machine work, RJ Manufacturing can help. We provide custom fabrication services at unbeatable prices. Contact us for all of your custom car parts needs.